Convert Your Remington 870 or TAC 14 Shotgun to PGOSS

Currently CRA Combat is only converting and selling Remington 870 & TAC 14 shotguns. Other PGOSS conversions will be available in the future. Before selecting an 870 or TAC 14 shotgun for PGOSS conversion, carefully read all the information below, not all Remington 870s work for PGOSS and there are differences between the models for PGOSS options. All Remington TAC 14 shotguns are ready for PGOSS conversion. Yay!



Although we can convert just about any shotgun to PGOSS, our shotgun of choice is the Remington 870.

After converting and shooting Remington 870s, Mossberg 500s, Winchester, Stoeger, Saiga and others Cra Combat reached the conclusion the Remington 870 is best suited for PGOSS and provides the most comfortable shooting experience.  We don’t have anything against these other shoguns they are all fine weapons and each one has its advantages. What makes the Remington 870 so great for PGOSS is geometry and the distance from the trigger to the rear of the receiver, this makes possible for the most efficient and comfortable pistol grip design.  After making 100s of prototype grips and testing them out on various shotguns. We concluded the best grip design would only work on the 870 it is the perfect balance of angle, slope and shape to provide the most comfortable shooting experience, trigger control and efficient gun handling.

The 870 is a proven weapon and can be made to run 99.9% reliable, mainly talking about the express model here as they need some work to run reliably.  The 870 has many options for barrel and magazine lengths for example you can convert a standard field model 870 express to a 20” 8 shot, an 18” 7 shot or a 14” 4 shot SBS all with the same gun.  Taking everything into account the 870 is Cra Combat’s first choice for PGOSS conversion.



Remington Express Magnum field model with vent ribbed barrel, 12 or 20 gauges

This is a great choice for a PGOSS conversion and the most cost effective when you also consider the initial cost of the shotgun.   Options include new extractor and chamber polish (check out option descriptions) this ensures reliable shell extraction.   Since the barrel needs to be cut and crowned you have the option for 18.5’ or 20.5” barrel.  Advantage of 18.5” is the weapon is more compact with a total of 7 rounds.  Advantage of 20.5” barrel, you get one more round with a 3 shot extension tube for a total of 8 rounds.  There a 2 barrel rail options, the Cra Combat vent rib mounted steel rail or the Amega

870 Tactical models with factory 6 shot magazine tubes

The Tactical model has the advantage of a short barrel and 6 shot magazine.  Barrel rail options are the Amega Scout Rail with the additional cost of brazing on a stop key or the Cra Combat brazed on steel rail.

Police 870 smooth barrel

Excellent choice no modifications needed for smooth and reliable operation.  Typically Police 870s already have 18.5” barrels and 2 shot magazine extension tubes.  There are 2 barrel rail options available the Amega Scout Rail or the Cra Combat brazed on steel rail.




With a new 870 you know what have, a new gun.  We still advise taking the gun out and shooting a few hundred rounds through it before you send it in just to make sure it operates as it should, Remington may not honor their warranty after the conversion.   Starting out with a new gun is a clean slate and a great option for our conversion packages.  Check out our model specific conversion packages before choosing a new 870.


Remington 870 shotguns will run reliably for thousands of rounds if serviced, cleaned and not abused.   If the shotgun you’re sending us for conversion is used, be sure the shotgun functions safely and reliably.  If the shotgun malfunctions, has safety issues, is old and wore out or has any other issues the gun is not a good choice for a PGOSS conversion.   If it’s an old gun that’s sat in closet or safe for years, take it out and shoot it, run function tests on it make sure it runs safely and reliably before you invest in converting to PGOSS.  If you have any doubts get it checked by a gunsmith.    Our primary business focus is PGOSS conversions.  We are not in the business of repairing guns nor do we have the time, so please make sure the gun you send us is reliable and ready for action. That being said most of our conversions have been on used guns, most of my personal PGOSS conversions are used guns.  I don’t mind picking up a used 870, however most all the guns I’ve picked up on deal had some type of problem to resolve to make the gun perform to the high standard of a combat or defensive weapon.  That means 99.9% reliability and smooth operation.   If you have a used 870 you know runs smoothly and reliably it’s an excellent choice.  A bad choice is going out and purchasing a used gun you know nothing about, not having it completely checked out or running it through extensive shooting to ensure it’s a good gun.

Bottom line: Know what you have before sending in your 870 for PGOSS conversion.


Packaging and Shipping your Shotgun

Once you have purchased your PGOSS conversion you can ship your firearm to us for gunsmith work and conversions without FFL transfers. Simply box it up and send it to us.

We recommend shipping your shotgun via USPS [United States Postal Service] with tracking and insurance. To help on shipping costs, please remove the stock. To shorten the package, remove the barrel and wrap it separately. Make sure to re-install magazine spring and cap. Wrap the receiver and barrel separately before boxing so there is no steel on steel contact. Make sure the box has enough filler to keep the gun from moving around and give adequate protection.

Shipping checklist:

Remove butt stock and package per instructions
Include in package a copy of your CRA Combat purchase order.

Send package to:

CRA Combat LLC.
1217 W Hatcher Road #3
Phoenix, AZ 85021

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