Cra Combat Begins

In February of 2010 I took a trip to California to visit my brother and attend to some business. My brother lives in small southern Calif. town where he frequently goes to the local range and shoots clays. I decided to bring an old shotgun to join in the fun. The gun was a 50 year old Mossberg 500 12ga I bought back in the late 70s. I really never got into shotguns that much, for that matter was not much of a shooter though I always enjoyed shooting and I had a few guns. Little did I know my relationship with weapons was about to change in a life altering way.

I began that day at the range shooting clays I did fairly well considering it was my first time. This experience rekindled my interest in shooting and the following week back home I went shooting in the desert and brought the old mossy with me. On the way home I was thinking, I really don’t like shotguns all that much as felt the soreness in my shoulder. It would be a good home defense weapon if not so large and cumbersome, it’s no wonder this old gun has been sitting in closet for 30 years and likely to sit for another 20 I just have no interest in shooting this thing it’s really not all that enjoyable with recoil and unwelding size.

Pistol Grip Shotgun -

Craig Comerford – CEO/Founder/Inventor
CRA Combat