The worlds ultimate pistol grip only shotgun unrivaled in performance and capabilities…delivering speed, comfortable shooting and accuracy. Take your Remington 870 TAC-14 to a whole NEW level!

It’s time to forget everything you think or know about pistol grip only shotguns, PGOSS has changed the rules and transformed the impractical to TACTICAL with unrivaled performance and capabilities that are simply not possible with full stock tactical Remington 870 shotguns! Making PGOSS a superior choice for law enforcement swat, close quarter battles and home defense.

The Pistol Grip Only Shooting System transforms the cumbersome shoulder pounding full stock shotgun into a compact, fast, accurate and comfortable weapon while providing the most enjoyable shotgun shooting experience possible. Once you shoot a PGOSS Remington 870 or TAC-14 shotgun you will never want to shoot full stock again!

The PGOSS Advantage

The PGOSS shotgun has all the accuracy of a full stock Remington 870 or standard TAC-14, in fact, many PGOSS shooters find it far more accurate than full stock! This is achieved due to the increased control and balance you get from the shotgun being drawn in close to your body.

  • Less extension means faster target acquisition and higher accuracy.
  • A greater variety of shooting positions, that are just not possible with full stock.
  • Improved balance and less energy is expended to support the shotgun in high ready position.
  • PGOSS will give you the most comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience, much safer than a stock TAC-14.
  • It’s compact size gives superior maneuverability, agility, higher ammo capacity & balance for close quarter battles and home defense.
  • Fulfills both roles for breeching and primary weapon for swat and CQB.
  • Less extension gives superior weapon retention in close encounters.

Revolutionary design of the PGOSS grip gives you unparalleled shooting comfort.

What is a PGOSS shotgun?

The CRA Combat Pistol Grip Only Shooting System changes the dynamics of a pistol grip Remington 870 pump action shotgun, how the operator interfaces with the shotgun and how the shotgun is accessorized. The system redirects and distributes recoil allowing the operator to safely bring the shotgun up high enough to aim and use optics, such as a red dot sight. This changes the position of the shotgun in reference to the body, drawing the operator’s head directly above the shotgun receiver instead of behind it.

The sights are raised and positioned forward on the barrel so the shotgun is low enough for the shooting position to be comfortable and recoil action is safely below the face. The cheek rest is mounted on top of the receiver to allow a consistent sight reference and proper shooting position. The pistol grip is designed for a comfortable hold in this position and also directs the recoil down, away from the face. The sling gives the operator stability with the shotgun so he can hold it steady on target even past 100 yards and distributes recoil through the body rather than all into the shoulder or hand.

With the New Remington TAC 14 shotgun, we have taken a cumbersome platform, and turned it into a comfortable, accurate and devastating weapon system. The TAC 14 conversion we offer is superior to anything available, get yours converted today and really enjoy your Remington TAC 14!

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